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William Boyd

Billy and Orlando meet

Who: Billy and Orlando
Where: A Cell!
When: After ze spell

Orlando wasn't entirely sure what time it was when he sat up, but he did know that it was a little too quiet. Even after they'd almost figured everything out, especially after they'd almost figured everything out, he was kind of amazed, frankly that the others could BE so quiet about all of this. It couldn't be that late could it? With it being dark in here he had no idea how to tell but he hadn't gotten tired enough to need to break out the mintcake yet. (Just as well, he'd only been carrying one with him) It was kind of weird really how no one else was saying much. He knew that people were still IN there after all.

With a sudden thump and a loud crack, a body landed on the straw behind Orlando. It lay very very still for a few moments, and then a small groan was heard. The body belonged to an unconscious Scotsman who was currently still deep in the throes of a particularly realistic nightmare about being chased by Witch-Hunters through London.

"What the..." Orlando glanced down at the darkish shape that had popped in. The newest addition to the family fun zone, he figured, though it wasn't really easy to make out who exactly it was beyond a person what with his eyes being what they were. He inched forward a little to inspect things further. The torch light which humans would find dim was sort of worse than that to his underdeveloped eyes but...Well Orlando did have some ways, he reasoned, and, because after all, no one was around to see exactly what he could do, he reached out with one of his wings to prod at the newcomer gently.

The unconscious Scot groaned and attempted to roll away slightly. "Buh!" He exclaimed, wondering why there was a giant bat in London.

Okay. Voices Orlando could deal with. "Billy?" he asked, prodding a little more, but more carefully this time before withdrawing the wing and scooting over closer.

That sounded familiar. The Scot's eyes popped open and he immediately attempted to pull himself up in a fetal position to protect himself from the blows he knew were coming. Oh dear, that wrist felt suspiciously like broken. "Please, don't hurt me! I was just helping!" ...This wasn't where he remembered being. "Where have you taken me? Oh God, you're going to kill me."

Okay. Orlando wasn't used to paranoid sounding Billy but he could totally get the reasons why somebody would go for that option in here, particularly with being probably injured if he'd landed that hard. "It's Orlando." he said, in an attempt to make Billy at least calm down a little. "Pete's the one going to kill you." he tried as a little joke, his tones entirely light and joking.

The joke was entirely lost on the Scot. "You can't be Orlando." Billy said, struggling into a sitting position at last. "They killed Orlando in Barcelona." He looked over at the other man, at least as much as he could see in the weak torchlight. Torches? "Please don't kill me! I've never hurt anyone!"

"They what?" Orlando asked, then decided on a whim to take a decent appraisal of the situation. He leaned in close and sniffed Billy. "Okay yeah, because you don't smell like Billy." he announced. "I guess you don't exactly belong to me then in which case we don't know if you've done anything for Pete to kill you for. So you're probably okay comparatively speaking." Or they were all going to die here, he thought the last one was a LOT more likely actually but you didn't say that to people with concussions. It wasn't very nice.

"Where are we? Where's Maggie? I was on a street..." Billy broke off suddenly. Ow, his head hurt. Like, a lot. He gingerly reached up the non-broken wrist to touch the back of his head. Yay, blood. "Was I thrown from something?"

"You did a weird crash landing in here." Orlando nodded at the straw. "It sounded kind of cool actually. Well cool if it was in a film I guess, not if it's really happening. Like I'd give anything to film something like that cause it's awe inspiring but probably you must have been. It was kind of like..." he slammed a fist into a hand to indicate the speed Billy had landed in here with. "Not something you'd want to really happen I mean I haven't ever landed that hard and I've had some nasty spills."

Billy was really confused. "This isn't London." It was part statement, part fact. He knew there was something off about the whole thing. Like the fact that there was straw, and torches, and someone who looked and sounded suspiciously like his dead friend. Bits and pieces of the days events were beginning to come back now, and that wasn't good.

"Yeah and its not Kansas anymore either." Orlando quipped, though that wasn’t really FUNNY. "Welcome to...Cell world." he said with a wide sweep of his left wing.

Oh god, it had wings. Billy did what any reasonable person would do. "AAAH" was what that appeared to be, accompanied by a frantic scrabbling and possible re-injury.

"hey hey." Orlando hissed quietly. "You're going to get all the other people riled up. I mean sure they LOOK like they're sleeping now or ignoring us or transcendentally meditating but...who knows what they're REALLY up to?"

"Aaaa....others?" Billy asked, managing to artfully derail the scream into an only slightly hysterically pitched question. "Where did they come from?" His head was ringing little warning bells of pain and his wrist was throbbing in time to his racing pulse. Perhaps this is where they kept all the freaks like him before they executed them. He was really going to die this time.

"Well they're not all from where I am so probably not where you're from either." Orlando felt the need to point out. "I mean sure, some of them LOOK like people we know but they're just..." he shrugged. "They don't have the right scent and things. So we're either here to die or to get out of it another way. I'm not really sure."

Billy fought to remain lucid. "Where you were, were we friends?" He asked, hoping that he was making some sort of sense. His head felt like it was on fire. He fought to keep focused on Orlando's voice.

"Oh yeah!" Orlando answered. "We did all sorts of stuff together, you and me and Dom and Elijah. Three hobbits and the elf that kind of thing." he grinned a little at the memory though it was sort of...really sad that it wasn't a Billy he knew. But STILL..."See when we weren't filming we'd go all over Zid like idiots. Or toilet paper Viggo's trailer. That kind of thing. You do have all those people, yeah?" he wondered.
"They all died." Billy said, bluntly. He didn't know what a hobbit meant, or where Zid was, but Orlando's tone of voice was really rather friendly. "If they kill us? Make sure we die together?" His fear, his greatest fear in the world, was dying alone. It scared him so much he was willing to ask a random and slightly morbid favor of a near total stranger with bat-wings.

"Ooh dammn." Orlando drew out the word imagining what that might be like. All of them dead...He couldn't even begin to think about it. Sure death was something you couldn't avoid but ALL...that was just a little..."Yeah I'll definitely do that." he agreed. It was the nice thing to do after all. And since they might actually BE dying it was sort of nice to have a death buddy.

"Thanks." Billy said. He felt the unconsciousness edging slowly closer. "I hope they give us the chance to be friends." That seemed like a nice, semi-sane thing to say. Having accomplished that, he curled his broken wrist as close to his body as possible and passed out.
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