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Who: Ryan and Johnny
Where: Their cell
When: Right after the spell

Ryan had been reading quietly in his bed when he saw the flash and felt himself falling. That was odd. Very odd because he didn't drink or do drugs and as a half angel, he was disgustingly healthy. So when he felt the room tipping he was slightly concerned and even more so when he suddenly found himself on his hands and knees on water slick stones in nothng more than pajama pants with his wings spread wide to help him stay balanced.

Johnny had been - well. Johnny had been busy, fortunately with his pants still on. His first thought as he felt himself falling was that someone must have tried to slip him something. His second thought was that he'd finally gotten noticed by some of the full demons and they were having a laugh at his expense. When he landed on the stone floor he groaned. "Damn. I thought Hell was hotter than this," he muttered.

Ryan twisted around we he heard another voice. There was barely any light and Ryan was having a hard time makng out the details of where he was.
Johnny frowned as he sat up and zipped up his fly. Maybe this wasn't Hell. Really, it seemed a little dank for a place supposedly known for its brimstone. He snapped his fingers, making a quick spark. He'd never managed actual fire but the spark was enough to see that someone else was there. "Damn," he muttered, meaning it figuratively, not literally.

Ryan sat back on his heels, hands on his thighs. He startled a bit at the spark, wings folding down against his back. "It is far too damp for Hell," he murmured. Slowly he pushed to his feet and looked around slowly, his wings fairly glowing in the low light.

Johnny looked up as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the cell. Great. An angel. The wings were a dead giveaway. "You never know," he pointed out. Just because no one mentions swamps in Hell doesn't mean there aren't any."

"That would be my idea of Hell actually. One giant stinking swamp that stretched out into forever. Ryan turned the dim light reflecting on Johnny's features. "It's been a whle, Johnny," he offered softly.

"See? I'm sure Lucifer would be happy to provide such a thing for you if you ever visit," Johnny said, grinning. Not that he visited Hell on a regular basis but it was always fun to invoke a name or two for amusement's sake. "So, Ryan. Where've you been hiding?"

"I haven't been hiding. You should know that." Ryan wasn't exactly fond of Johnny, but there was a certain kinsip there. They were both not exactly human. "Now that we know we aren't in Hell, do you kow where we are?"

"You know, I'd love to say it's my personal room at the best brothel in Nevada but they've got far better lighting there," Johnny said, touching the wall and frowning when his hand came away slimy. "Not a clue."

Ryan frowned as well. "I am rather certain I would not be in a brothel or in Nevada." He walked around the room and found a door made of rough hewn wood. "If I didn't know better, I would guess we are in a dungeon."

Johnny resisted the urge to make another spark. It would just make him light blind again. "This has got to be the worst-equipped dungeon I've ever seen," he commented, pacing the tiny cell and finding it pretty much completely empty.

Ryan folded his wings around himself. He was not exactly accustomed to being in such places, although he ,more than most angels knew the depths to which humans could fall. "I wouldn't know," he snarked, hoping to hid his discomfort from Johnny.

Johnny sneered in his direction. "Of course not." Damn angels. They probably never had any fun. Well. Their loss. "Looks like we're stuck," he said, going over to inspect the door, such as it was.

Ryan nodded his agreement, but he didn't give up so easily. "What were you doing right before you got here?"

"Getting a pretty mediocre blowjob," Johnny sighed. "I mean, you'd think I could get a decent one, being who I am, but some people just have no skills."

"Sorry I asked," Ryan murmured. "Did you see a light? Hear anything/"

"Saw a flash, figured one of the other demons was having a laugh at my expense. You know us, always joking around." Which was partially true. Demons did like jokes but usually not ones everyone found funny.

Ryan raised his eyebrows. That was very true as Ryan knew and didn't really want to think about. He wrapped hs arms around himself and scowled. "Yes, but I think this is not a demon joke."

"Yeah, well, I don't smell sulfer so probably not."

Ryan tried to get a sense of other people, but there was something else blockng him. "Can you feel anyone else?"

Johnny concentrated for a moment and shook his head. "Nah. I only get sexual energy anyhow. Unless you've got some specific kinks I doubt you'd find this place sexy."

"People do," Ryan pointed out needlessly. He didn't do very well with closed in spaces, like most winged creatures. Pacing a bit, he bumped into Johnny. "Sorry."

Johnny chuckled and grinned widely. "Feeling a little confined? Can't stretch those wings in a room like this. Makes me glad I didn't get that from my father."

Ryan didn't respond to the taunt, but he was feeling caged and it wold get more so as time went on. "You ae very lucky then," he said, voice still soft and apparently calm.

"Yeah, I'd say I am." Johnny paced around the cell, counting his steps along each side as he walked around Ryan. "I am one lucky son of a bitch."

Glaring Ryan stretched his wings as best as he could. "Really? Why is that? You're locked in a dungeon with one of the few people you can't charm into having sex with you."

"Yeah, but I managed to get off just before I got dumped here, so I'm good for at least, oh, an hour or two." Johnny smirked at Ryan and crouched down to see if the floor was as gross as the walls. No, not quite. He sat down, managing to somehow sprawl without taking up the entire space. "See, I always figured I'd end up locked away somewhere eventually. It would have been nice to make it a full hundred years before it happened but I'll take ninety-four."

Ryan truned around and around again, wings half lifted then foldeng down. He was not going to be able to stay there very long. Not and maintain his angelic calm.

Johnny watched him by the glow of his wings. What he wasn't going to say was that it was almost worth being locked up with no prospect of sex to see an angel, or well, half-angel, locked up as well. You just didn't get that sort of entertainment every day.

It was fortunate Ryan couldn't hear that. He was not in the mood to be accepting. There was barely enog room to pace, let alone stretch. He tried, wings brushing both was before he pulled them back in.

"Maybe this really is a prank. Lock us up together and see who comes out on top," Johnny suggested, half-joking.

Ryan sat down, his knees pulled up to his chest and his wings wrapped arond him so he was hidden from sight. Maybe he could pretend he was somewhere else.

Johnny wasn't about to allow that. "Aww. And here I was thinking we could chat. Catch up. To be honest, I'm hurt."

"Yes, because we have so much in common, don't we Johnny?"

Johnny shrugged. "Demons didn't start out bad. Well. Not all of them."

"No," Ryan agreed. "And you're not exactly evil yourself."

"Not all the time, anyhow."

"I don't like it here," Ryan said softly, hugging his legs tighter to his chest. I don't like cages."

Johnny peered at him in the darkness and nodded. "You and me both, cutie."

"Cutie?" Ryan raised a brow. He was used to being needled a bit by demons though. So long as they kept fom really arming people, Ryan was content.

Johnny smirked at him and nodded. "Cutie. You've got pinchable cheeks, Ryan. I hate to be the one... No. I don't."

"Shush," he mumured softly. "You'd think I would be used to your taunts by now."

"You would think that, wouldn't you," Johnny mused. "But I pride myself on surprising people. Life's more fun that way."

"Fun? Of course." Ryan rubbed his cheek on his wing and made a softly furstrated sound.

"I guess you like things a little more orderly?" Johnny prodded, stretching out his legs and relaxing. It didn't look like they were going anywhere any time soon.

"I think things to be a lttle more wide open," he admitted. Why was he here ayway? Didn't they know who he was? After all, his wings were unbound.

"Yeah, well, good luck with that any time soon."

"There is no conceiveable reason that the both of us would be locked up. If it was someone Evil, they would leave you free. Someone good would leave me free."

"Maybe it's someone who doesn't like halfbreeds?" Johnny suggested. There were enough crackpots out there who knew. But none of them had ever seemed capable of this sort of thing.

"Capable of capturing both of us without us being aware?" It seemed pretty far fetched to Ryan.

"Yeah, kind of a bullshit idea but it's the best I've got."

Ryan stood p again, fingers running over the walls. "They'll come get us eventually, "he stated with far more convction than he felt.

"Yeah, sure," Johnny agreed. "Eventually."

Nodding as if to himself. Ryan paced around the cell, stepping over Johnny.

Johnny looked up at him. "Don't tell anyone I said so, but those wings of yours are pretty useful."

"Not when I'm locked up, " he retorted. Wrapping them tight around himself.

"I meant the glow," Johnny sighed. "Single minded, aren't you."

"I don't do well in small places," Ryan snapped then felt guilty. "Apologies, you did not deserve that."

Johnny snickered and shook his head. Only an angel would apologize for that. "No, I didn't."

Ryan took a slow breath and exhaled. He was going to have to calm down. He knew that. "One of s should stay awake."

"Good plan," Johnny said, managing to not sound as sarcastic as he felt. "You sleepy or something?"

"I need to ether sleep or panic. Those are my only two options right now."

"Well Hell. Sleep, please. The last thing I want is a panicked angel in a small space." Johnny rolled his eyes. "Go on."

Ryan, very, very uncharacteristically smack him lghtly across the back of the head before he sat down on the bed.

Johnny laughed. "Oh yeah, that's how I like it."

Sitting with his back to the wall, Ryan closed hies eyes. "I hope you enjoyed it very much as it's the last you'll get frm me."

Johnny grinned in the dark. Now that? Was a challenge that would keep him busy for however long they were stuck in the cell.
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