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Who: Orlando
When: Before and during the start of the spell
Where: Somewhere outside L.A
What: Orlando Arrives
Notes: Billy chat log to follow this!

“Anything for you, Princess. Oh absolutely. Yes, I promise I’ll be careful. If you hear from anybody, tell them I said Hey. “ Orlando said to the person on the other end of the line. “I’ll get back to you on reunion plans soon, Liv. Take care. Well if I crash you’ll just say you told me so…Okay, Yeah, Love Ya too...”

Disconnecting, Orlando grinned as he tucked his mobile into his pocket, right next to the ever present travel tin of kendal mint cake

He didn’t really see what mountain climbers saw in the sugary crap, but just in case he managed to stay out till morning flying(as he usually did) it was better to have an emergency supply on hand for when the sun came up, so that heading home in a cab or getting accosted by paparazzi, Orlando wouldn’t look half dead.

Sometimes the nocturnal thing really really sucked, Orlando thought idly as he pushed himself up from his dangling off the couch position, and moved toward his balcony doing a quick scan for any oncoming traffic that might spot him but he was lucky and heard nothing. Out here at midnight, not too many people came around. It was part of why he’d chosen it when moving out here, easier to hide the fact that a giant half bat liked to swoop around at night.

Not that it would have freaked too many people out, at least not for very long, but Orlando personally didn’t want to freak anyone out right now. That always warranted an explanation, surprised fans who would find out and start flame wars over on Bloomin’ Onion( or whatever the forum of the hour was) that Orlando’d have to deal with when he went through the next interview circuit. Besides, he liked having a couple secrets from the rest of the world.

Pulling off his shirt, the actor bent his back a little, flexing muscles normal people didn’t have, before he began unfolding first one leathery appendage then another. When his full wingspan was outstretched and he didn’t feel cramped up anymore, Orlando let them flap a couple times before lowering a specially installed gate and stepped back to get a running start. With one leap, he was in the air, a few flaps later he was gliding through the night sky, throwing his head back and laughing as some rain dropped down and caught his face and hair.

Well, let it then. Orlando thought, letting out a call pitched too high for ordinary humans to even have heard to get an idea for where he was. A cloud was floating in the distance, starting to get away from him and Orlando followed it, laughing as he felt it growing closer to him, than vanishing again. He’d get it sooner or later, he told himself, swooping down a little when something else darted across the sky. A bird, he realized, when he checked, nothing more, but birds could race too, he decided, hoping the small creature could take what he was going to dish out.

“To the top of that Mcdonald’s and back, yeah?” he asked the bird, pointing at the giant yellow sign, noticing he’d drifted somewhere much more populated. Good thing he could avoid traffic lights by hanging out high above them. Not waiting for any agreement, he took off, calling taunts back over his shoulder as he swooped and dived, then swooped again, heading straight for the building while the rain still caught him in his hair and…

“Holy Shit.” Orlando muttered, as a burst of lightning split the sky. “That wasn’t in the forecast.” he muttered, quickening his speed as he made for the building. It also pretty effectively killed flying, the human part of him didn’t want to be electrocuted if it all kept up. “Just what I needed.” he added to himself with the tiniest of sighs. “First time out in three days and it…”

Orlando didn’t finish with the thought as the sky split again, and then again. The wind was shifting too, gales rising, tossing Orlando around so much that his wings were little help in turning in any direction and it was all that he could do to hold them out to keep himself afloat. He’d been through storms before of course, who HADN’T who was…different but this one…this was something else again.

“World’s hearthrob struck by lightning.” Orlando said to himself dryly, “thrown about by storm and killed.” What, he wondered, would Viggo or Johnny have to say?

The winds picked up again and Orlando dropped all pretense of actually thinking for the much more interesting purpose of holding on and riding out the wind as things grew even worse, there was nowhere to land, this wasn’t even fun now, like it started, just sort of really dizzying and…

When Orlando hit the hard stone floor face first, he tasted blood but didn’t think his nose was broken. Thinking of the media hassle if it did made him really dizzy to be honest. He also had no idea where he was, but he didn’t think it could be good. The four stone walls…four…was he locked in…yeah there was a little torchlight and he could make out what was almost a door…locked of course, nothing else would do in this freaky…wherever he was.

“Oh this is lovely.” Orlando announced outloud. No point in not talking to himself since it wasn’t likely anyone could hear him.

As to the worst part of all? “I haven’t even got leverage.”
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