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lostincamelot's Journal

Lost in Camelot RPG
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One day you were just another slightly unusual person in whatever world you came from. One day all of that stopped mattering. A chance spell cast by an evil wizard sent you here with no immediately foreseeable way home. Now you and your companions, taken from other such worlds than yours, must bond together, braving knights, and battles, tournaments and medieval hygiene! And just wait till you meet Merlin!

Camelot's waiting. Are you prepared?

Welcome to Lost In Camelot, an AU RPS game set in King Arthur's court at an indeterminate time during Arthur's reign. We're a brand new game with a premise borrowed from the whitecity games. If you're interested hop on by and leave a note.

Other Info:

Pups from existing games as well as new games will be welcomed, though we ask that your pup have some sort of special ability about them, however slight. Due to the circumstances of their arrival, they'll have been carried here by magic because of this something special about them. It can be slight if you wish, so long as there's a something. ESP even.

We ask that these pups be actors or celebrities in some form, due to the RPS aspect.

We've chosen Camelot as a setting because it fulfils the medieval world idea we wanted to use, and we're presented with the perfect way to send pups home when and if that time should come, by the Arthurian myths themselves but you don't have to be an expert to come and play along. In fact, as far as the traditional Arthurian characters go, we'd prefer to keep them in the background with the occasional cameos as it were, since the game's main focus is going to be on our pups and their adventures.

Major players in Camelot's story will be run with limited avalibility to players. Generally speaking if you'd like to play one of the Big Name Characters, please contact the mods so that we can be sure to iron out something that works for all involved. The following exception lies with the fact that the Big Four: Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin and the sorceress Morgan le Fay as well as may only be played in connection with the plot and will be used by the mods only and only as needed. (ie, Merlin may pop up at random moments to give your characters hints/annoy the crap out of them and Arthur will probably want to meet them when they arrive at court, they'll probably be around at tournaments and banquets but they aren't exactly free for teatime either.)

Also, due to timeline issues, the characters of Mordred and Galahad are not available at this time for cameos.

These exceptions aside, if you'd like to play a cameo as a character playing a significant role in the Arthurian mythos, do keep in mind that you do so with the knowledge that you will be expected to fulfil a set of plot points too, and there are events and duties that you will be asked to take care of from time to time as well. Please also remember that the focus is not on these particular characters even though we'd love to see them in the game so they aren't as liable to get big storylines, but rather will play a supporting role.

Unnamed knights and ladies of the court (squires, maidens, etc) are also allowed to be running around, provided we stay clear of the Mary Sue issue. Considering that all of you who've expressed interest have never done that in the past, I don't think we have to worry much regarding that.

Keep in mind the Mary Sue issue when it comes to your regular characters as well. Naturally we're going to have characters with special abilities running around, but don't use these abilities to power play or show up anyone else.

Also please cut all chat logs and please label anything that contains above PG-13 Content.

So far the game boasts the presence of:

Richard Armitage
Jonas Armstrong
Orlando Bloom
Billy Boyd
Johnny Depp
Jonathan Rys-Meyers
Karl Urban
David Wenham

Knights of the Round Table
Sir Agravaine
Sir Gawain

Squire Anwas
Lady Ragnell

Tentative Claims
Lucy Griffiths
Keira Knightly

Anyone else? Feel free to join the ooc community lostcamelot_ooc and fill out one of our handy profile sheets.

Enjoy your time in Camelot!

The Journals presented in this game are the property of amatuer roleplayers only. We make no claim to be, or know the celebrities presented within these journals which are a work of fiction only. It's just a game so relax and have fun.